Our services cover all aspects of Property Loss Control and Fire Engineering related to the following types of premises / operations :-

1)    Substation

2)    Oil and gas plant and platform

3)    Computer Suites

4)    Telecommunication facilities

5)    Railway Signaling Centers

6)    Laboratories & Achieve Stores

7)    Air Traffic Management Centers

8)    Petrochemical Plant, Pipeline Pumping Stations

9)    Hotels and Resorts

We are dedicated to provide PROFESSIONAL SERVICE to our clients in a diligent and competent manner with competitive pricing.

We Strive to achieve our company mission through :-

  • High level services to our clients in the planning, design and implementation phases of their projects.
  • Providing cost effective solutions to our client requirements.
  • Professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with clients and government authorities.
  • Prompt, professional and flexible response to meet the demands of expertise in both present and future business environment.

Aspire Fire Protection Sdn Bhd focuses its manpower into these business areas within Fire Protection services core :-

1)    Provide assessment and recommendations on upgrading existing facilities

2)    Detailed engineering of new fire protection systems or re-engineering of existing fire protection systems to accommodate new protection requirements due to expansion or changes in equipment or production methods.

Design approval processing with Local Fire Authority to obtain the necessary certificate of fitness for occupancy etc. Monitor installation of new fire protection systems to ensure compliance with International standards, legal and contractual requirements. Testing and commissioning of installed systems and acceptance of the protection systems.


AFP employs EPCC project bid, support and supply. We provide detailed engineering design of project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to our clients. With AFP’s EPCC bid, support, supply along with our vast knowledge and experience in fire protection systems projects, cost in communication, engineering and procurement are reduced.

Supply & Install of fine Suppression System

Qualified professional at AFP recognized that each customer has unique needs. Regulating codes, insurance specifications, environmental and operational concerns are routinely balance within budget parameters. At AFP, our specialized team has experience in creating effective fire suppression systems. These systems are designed to control the spread of fire, limit the damaged done to your team. Our experienced engineers will asses your environment and provide professional and reliable solutions in order to ensure that your business is fully protected. We specialized in designing, supplying, installing and servicing a wide range of fire suppression systems to cover everything from simple kitchen fire to petrochemical plant fire, so you can rest assured that we will design and install the ideal system for your needs.

Marine Fire Services

Safety is a principal concern for naval engineers. On-board fires often escalate quickly, causing massive damage to equipment, facilities and the environment. More importantly, they typically occur in remote areas where assistance is limited and serious injuries or loss of life unfortunately resulted. Fire protection at sea is especially demanding, with many requirements in place to ensure maritime operation are protected from fire. Vessel and offshore fires usually starts in engine rooms, machinery, electrical controls and storage rooms. Many fire locations are typically in out-of-sight compartments that are often difficult to access making emergency firefighting a challenging task. Ship owners and operators are keen to protect marine assets the best-on-offer fire suppression systems. Whatever scope and scale of your requirements, from fire risk assessment of fire safety to the complete design, supply, installation and servicing of the detection or suppressions systems, we focus on providing you with exactly the right solutions.

Onshore & Offshore Preventive Maintainence

Petrochemical and gas processing facilities are always at risk of having a fire. Safety must always be looked at. Safety concerns should be properly addressed. Disasters always brings social, political, financial and ecological crises. You can’t prevent an unexpected blaze from breaking out on your oil drilling rigs, but you can have the proper fire suppression systems in place to put out the fire quickly, saving lives and minimizing damage to machinery in the process. Here are the top fire suppression options for offshore oil drilling rigs and platforms. 3M NOVEC 1230 FIRE PROTECTION FLUID Novec 1230 is an advanced, next generation fire suppression agent used in many oil and gas operations today, including those located on land and offshore. With the ability to protect occupied spaces and critical equipment, Novec 1230 is often installed in electrical control rooms, communication centers, engine rooms, pilot houses, pump rooms, storage areas and generator rooms. Novec 1230 is the first halocarbon halon replacement to offer viable, long term applications for fire protection in the oil and gas industry. It has proven it’s ability to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently, before the blaze has a chance to spread to class B hazards commonly found on oil drilling rigs, including gasoline, oil and oil-based products.

Servicing of Gas System and Testing

Cylinder Testing

  • Co2 & Clean Agent Cylinder Testing
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Complete With Certificate
  • Short Blast Cylinder Stripping
  • Cylinder Refurbishing
  • Hydro Test

Integrity Test

Clean Agent Enclosure Integrity Test to comply with NFPA 2001 Appendix C (year 2000) & ISO 14520 Annex E standards for clean agent : FM-200, NOVEC 1230, INERGEN, CO2, Argon, Argonite, FE 227 & Nitrogen.