Our Products

Alarm and Suppression Control

Single source system integration, including scalable platforms form single hazard protection to massive networked systems protecting hundreds of hazards.

  • Conventional and Intelligent Detection
    Providing both Conventional and Intelligent “SmartOne” detectors that are available using ionization, photoelectric or thermal technologies.
  • High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection
    Laser-based high-sensitivity aspirating smoke detection systems.
  • Special Hazard and Overheat Detection
    Addressable linear heat detectors for detection of fire and overheating conditions in industrial applications.
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Gaseous fire suppression systems that suppress fires quickly without harming equipment, the facility, inhabitants, or the environment.

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Ideal for use in unoccupied spaces, CO2 systems rapidly suppress fires by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement.

Industrial Dry Chemical Systems

Kidde IND Industrial Dry Chemical Systems are used for a variety of industrial processes.

Inert Fire Suppression Systems

Ideal fire suppression option for occupied spaces that contain high value assets and could be damaged from other fire suppression solutions.

Kidde Marine Systems

We offer variety of systems designed specifically for unique requirement of the marine market.

Wet Chemical Systems

Kidde’s WHDR System provides 24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas: ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surface.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

The Badger family of portable fire extinguishers is perfect for all your commercial and industrial needs.

Vehicle Systems

The Kidde Sentinel System is used to protect large industrial vehicles.

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BR-801 Marine Brochure

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Inert Gas SS K 107

SS K-500 web Control Room Application

Kidde ECS-500 FK-5-1-12 Clean Agent Suppression System

Kidde ECS 360 psi Clean Agent Suppression System SS K-100

Kidde Fire Systems LPCO2 Brochure

RG Green Flow IG-55

RG Green Flow IG-541

Viking VSN 200 Fire Extinguishing System

Viking VSN 1230 Fire Extinguishing System